#Odds and Ends


Odds and Ends

Translated from the German by Stephen Krashen ©2010, Illustrated by Beniko Mason ©2016

There was once a young girl who was pretty, but very lazy. When she had to spin, if there was a little knot in the flax, she got so annoyed that she would rip out a bunch of the flax and throw it on the ground all around her.

Her servant was a very hard worker and gathered together the bits of flax that were thrown away, cleaned them, and made a beautiful dress for herself.

A young man had asked the lazy girl to marry him, and the wedding was to take place very soon. On the eve of the wedding, the hard-working servant girl was dancing merrily in her pretty dress, and the bride said, “See how that girl dances, dressed in my odds and ends.”

The bridegroom heard that, and asked the bride what she meant. She told him that the girl was wearing a dress made of the flax which she had thrown away.

When the bridegroom heard that and saw how lazy she was, and how hard-working the servant girl was, he decided not to marry the lazy one, and choose the servant girl to be his wife.


The End



  1. pretty: 美しい
  2. lazy: 怠け者の
  3. spin: 紡ぐ
  4. if: もし
  5. knot: もつれ、からみ
  6. : flax亜麻の繊維
  7. annoyed: いらいらする
  8. would: 〜したものだ
  9. rip out: もぎとる
  10. a bunch of: 多くの
  11. throw: 捨てる
  12. on the ground: 床に
  13. all around ~: 〜の周りに
  14. servant: 召使い
  15. hard worker: 勤労者
  16. gathered together: 集める
  17. bits of ~: 〜の切れ端
  18. clean: きれいにする
  19. make (made): 作る
  20. had asked: 以前に依頼していた
  21. marry: 結婚する
  22. wedding: 結婚式
  23. take place: 執り行われる
  24. soon: まもなく
  25. on the eve of: 〜の前の晩に
  26. dance: 踊る
  27. merrily: 楽しそうに
  28. bride: 花嫁
  29. (in) odds and ends 半端物(で): くず(で)
  30. mean: (meant)意味する
  31. see (saw): 理解する
  32. decide not to ~: 〜しないことを決心する
  33. choose: 選ぶ
  34. wife: 妻