• Mr. Yosuke Nakano

    It was in the spring of 2010 when I enrolled in the Reading course. The course was offered by a university in Osaka.... [more]

  • Mrs. Noriko Kawaguchi

    First I would like to explain my case. I am not a very eager student about English studies.... [more]

  • Mrs. Misa Mitani

    The world of story-listening is charming. The time passes very quickly... [more]

  • Mrs. Ruriko Nagamachi

    I am one of Professor Mason’s former students when she first started Extensive Reading class in 1985 at Shitennoji University Junior College. There were not many graded readers those days. We only had several hundred... [more]

  • Mr. Kenta Kobayashi

    One needs fuel to run a car. One need food when he is hungry. For the increased output one need more input. When one wishes to acquire English, what do you think we need to do?... [more]

  • Dr. Tsuyoshi Kashihara

    I work in the field of Web-Design. In order to live in this industry it is necessary to continually obtain the up-to-date information. The information in the Japanese... [more]

  • Mr. Tohru Yamazaki

    It was May 2012. The story I heard in that class on the first day was “The Foxy Lady.” I was touched by the emotional and powerful story-telling done by the instructor, and since then... [more]

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